Surf, Hot Rod Rock, Beat, Garage, Mod and Psychedelic have a major impact on everything that appears on the paper. UFOs, aliens and old (or lost) civilizations also regularly appear. Actually, everything that falls under the category “strange” can count on the warm interest of Psychodelic Art!

He often creates, designs and draws all these things like creatures, entities and other stuff from his imagination. The images simply float to the surface of his mind. A large part of these original drawings and illustrations are for sale. Of course you can also have something commissioned! Pychodelic Art prefers to work with black-and-white, but also gray gradations and an occasional use of color is no problem. If you are interested in an illustration, please respond via the contact button below and let me know exactly what you have in mind.

Because the style of Psychodelic Art is subject to this phenomenon called 'evolution', you will find under the

Ilustrations button a selection of the most interesting illustrations from recent years. Once in a while new drawings, screenprints, litho’s and paintings will be added for sale, so make sure to bookmark this site and keep an eye on it.

sychodelic Art draws inspiration from 50’s horror fiction, science fiction (including Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft) and from Tiki-style and Halloween-weirdos. In addition, music streams such as R & R,